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Noticia del 02/09/2015 - insercionsocial.com

A wet suit, fins and a heart full of solidarity. These were - and still are - the companions of Carlos Peña for 25 years, a swimmer jumps into the water whenever possible to contribute to charitable causes.

In this quarter century, lakes, reservoirs and rivers have witnessed its 53 crossings already totaling 5,187 kilometers. Today we tell her story so that you know how, in many cases, solidarity has no limits.

Following an injury that removed him from athletics in 1989, Carlos began making crossings with the aim of helping various causes, from raising funds for those affected by Hurricane Mitch in 1999, to collaborate in solidarity campaigns like 'Mójate -Busti Zaitez 'by multiple sclerosis or for the benefit of mental illness.

Also, it has also been thrown overboard by various environmental causes but his last voyage was last summer in favor of the Food Bank in several Andalusian cities.

"Everything that is collected, in this case food, goes directly to the associations that helped. It is full”

Carlos is not alone. In his adventures usually surrounded by other volunteers or friends accompanying him, whether in a boat or a zodiac because, as tells this born swimmer, "the rivers are dangerous, I accompanied in case anything happens." And, some of its passages have been really hard.

"Some crossings have been extreme. I swam in the Balkans to 15 degrees below zero. Also those in which I did not leave the water in 24 hours, and when I swam for the campaign Rare Disease Group of Navarre "

But this charity swimmer is clear:

"I do it for others, because when your effort gets to the heart of someone's enough"

Carlos works as a bus driver, but every day trying to make a hole to jump into the river and train. Therefore, we still have the strength to continue adding many years in the water and help, in a totally altruistic way, to anyone who needs it.

"Being united brings me happiness. I feel happy. That's the word”

If you want to know more detail its history can contact him through his Facebook or your website.

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